Shelter from the Storm – #museclues Day 4

I’m running behind a day on posts but not on creating. Here’s a quick doodle I did after a stormy night inside, followed by rain and thunder outside. *sigh*

"A little shelter from the storm... ?

“A little shelter from the storm… ?

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3 Responses to Shelter from the Storm – #museclues Day 4

  1. Madison says:

    Oh, I like this. Do you use a pencil armature to get the proportions right? I have a terrible, terrible time trying to get my humans proportionate.

  2. Dangrdafne says:

    A doodle?? Oh my goodness that’s amazing. Your statement too. Perhaps you could create a book from all of these when you are done.

  3. Glad to see you are tapping into your creativity again! 🙂

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