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Shelter from the Storm – #museclues Day 4

I’m running behind a day on posts but not on creating. Here’s a quick doodle I did after a stormy night inside, followed by rain and thunder outside. *sigh*

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The 6 Stages of Middle School Math — Day 3 #museclues

After extensive research a la Kübler-Ross, I’ve determined that there are 6 stages of middle school math. Witness the process in my house tonight: 1. Denial. “I don’t have any homework.” Variations include “We had a sub today,” “I already … Continue reading

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Exotic Places – Day 2 #museclues

Here is the first sketch in a series of Fortune Smiles: artwork that accompanies actual fortune cookie fortunes. I collect the best ones I find, whether they’re wise, funny, weird or profound. I love fortunes. I’ve had this idea for … Continue reading

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Creative Crackdown – #museclues

I’d love to blame my current problems and frustrations on writer’s block or an MIA muse, but as most creatives will tell you, if you don’t work the muscle it simply atrophies. Staring at my blank canvas or page, waiting … Continue reading

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