395174_10200113042925233_1908721090_nI wrote my first book when I was about six. It was called I’m Suzy. Okay, actually I transcribed word for word – in crayon – my favorite book that was so generously named after me.

First graders are notoriously narcissistic.

I’ve since discovered that I’m pretty damn creative and don’t need to copy other people’s work anymore. I’m now an artist, poet, parent, graphic designer, writer, tweeter, blogger, editor and late bloomer. I actually get paid for some of this stuff.

I have received more than a dozen Colorado Press Association awards in the past several years for design and layout, as well as two first place nods for humor writing. Because I’m funny and sometimes it’s even intentional.

And Suz says… go check out my work under write, create and play.

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